Finally after seven years of searching for my sister, Excalibur helped me in finding her.  I spent so much time emailing and talking to the Raleigh newspaper to see if they could help me find her, I never got a reply.  I even contacted talk shows like Maury and Montel, they never helped me.  After years of searching, I found Excalibur Agency, and with their help my sister has been found.  when I read the email that Excalibur Agency had found my sister, I cried tears of joy.  While writing this I am still ecstatic.  It's amazing to find people with such good hearts, who are willing to help others.  Thank you Excalibur and God bless you.


Angelee Hendry, Florida



I want to thank the Excalibur Agency for a job well done in finding a long lost father of a German lady born during his tour of duty with the Army in Europe.  After I had been looking for this man off and on during the previous year, I called and talked to an Investigator, providing him with the very few clues that I had.  Within two days, he found the man and, even more importantly, spoke to him diplomatically enough to insure his interest in the surprising discovery of a "second family" in Germany.  The man and his daughter are now in touch with each other for the first time in 35 years and thrilled about it.  I would certainly recommend Excalibur Agency any time I was looking for assistance in North Carolina.


Gene Hopp, Bellevue, WA


I hired Excalibur for a last minute investigation that a new client of ours was requesting.  They were able to help me out immediately with no problem and they did a wonderful job on the investigation, so my new client was very pleased with the results.  We are now doing more work for that same client due to Excalibur's help with the very first assignment.

Tina Staats
CIA Security Services, Inc.


This is to inform you that I greatly appreciate all the work that you did for me on my case.  I was a little skeptical about hiring a private investigator to get the little information that I needed.  But Excalibur changed my opinion about hiring a private investigator.  I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate all that you have done to satisfy what I was inquiring about.  If I ever need any work done in investigation, I will not hesitate to hire Excalibur to handle it for me.  Once again, thank you so much for a job well done.

Patricia McCall