Counter Intelligence

Do you suspect your home or business phone has been illegally tapped?  It's happening more than you think!

There is a breach of trust happening in our country that is so enormous that it affects every man, woman and child in the United States.  This betrayal of our confidence is taking place on the telephone network that connects all our homes and businesses. The poor housekeeping practices of the local telephone companies and service providers, such as failure to disconnect unused or obsolete services and equipment, has created an environment where privacy may be compromised, line quality adversely affected and customer cost rise higher and higher.

As an example, you order a phone for your daughter or son's room, so they can have their own number and their PRIVACY.  What you have no way of knowing is where that pair of wires that operate your child's phone is still connected to and who has access to you child's dial tone.  You never know who may be listening to her "private" conversations.

A second example, let's say you just opened up or moved your business and have requested new phone services. When that phone is used to talk or send a fax or email, there is no way for you to know who could be intercepting your "private" information.  Would your competitors benefit from receiving this information ?  Oddly enough most companies have a paper shredder, because they handle "sensitive" information that they don't won't anyone to see.  These same businesses have no qualms about sending this same "sensitive" information over telephone lines using voice, fax or modem lines and believe that they are Private.
Imagine the possibilities:
  * A stalker having access to your children's conversations
  * An Ex-spouse recording your calls.
  * Competitors intercepting your calls, faxes and emails
  * Someone intercepting your personal and financial information.
We can detect....
covert video
covert listening devices
phone taps